August 17, 2012

Lincoln: Age 2

LOVE THIS BOY! If I could only use one word to describe this chid, it would be mischievous! He seriously is and thinks he's hysterical. Which, most of the time, I think he is too. Life has been pretty dang good with him in our lives. He keeps us busy and laughing. Lincs is ALL boy! He loves cars, trucks, planes and boats. Being dirty is a must, as well as being outside. However, he is my little snuggler still and I love it!

 I took these pics of him back in April. I use to do a monthly photo shoot of him, but that won't be happening anymore. I've also come to accept that his photo shoots will probably be strictly candids from here on out until he's MUCH older. He was super busy the day of his session. Wow... But I love him and adore these photos of him!

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Rosalynn said...

He is SO cute!!! How do you get him to hold still for haircuts? Chase's hair is getting so long because he NEVER holds still long enough for us to cut it!