January 31, 2011


I can not tell a lie-my baby is a pill! He was such a stinker during this shoot! All candids from here on out I tell you. My cousin Kate  made a bunch of CUTE hats for me and of course I wanted to do a shoot with him wearing a few. But this is how things turned out instead...

January 29, 2011

Baby Preview

I have been shooting A LOT of babies lately! So much fun!

January 28, 2011

One Beautiful Family!

What a gorgeous family. Thier kids are so sweet too. Have you seen this hot momma? WOW! She is so beautiful and one of the nicest women I've met.

January 27, 2011


What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love becomes a part of us. -Helen Keller-

January 25, 2011

Amanda & Preston 12.29.2010

You would never know that on the day of this bride's wedding she was sick. She was just so happy and so in love that she hid it so well. They got married the day of that awful snow storm as well. What an amazing couple, they never let a thing get them down. I truly admire them. Both of the had amazing families as well.