September 30, 2012

Couldn't Resist...

So perfectly fitting for them.

Mommy's Boy

LOVE this boy with all my heart!

September 29, 2012

Family Sneak Peak

Lots of sneak peaks lately! I have shot a LOT of fun family sessions lately and have been loving it! Such cute, adore adorable clients lately! This one is no exception!

September 26, 2012

Family Sneak Peak

What a darling family!! Truly enjoy having them as such loyal clients!! =D

September 25, 2012

Lauren & Eric: Engaged

Well technically these two are already married, but I truly am THAT far behind on blogging. I have several June weddings I haven't even blogged yet. I ADORED working with these two! They are just amazing as individuals and as a couple! Their wedding was so elegant and classy! We shot this session EARLY in the morning and although I am NOT a morning person, I LOVE EARLY morning light!

September 24, 2012

So Sweet!

This sweet little girl stole my heart during this session!

September 21, 2012

Another Sneak Peak!

Today I have been shooting this very sweet's bride's wedding! I quite like this couple!

September 20, 2012

Wedding Sneak Peak

I have been so super busy shooting and editing and hanging out with cute boy that I have forgotten about all the MANY blog posts I need to also be working on! Here is a sneak peak at my Logan LDS Temple Wedding!

September 17, 2012

The E Family-Extended

Here is one of the extended families I shot over the summer. I love how well coordinated they were! The lighting was beautiful that evening as well!

September 16, 2012

One for Now!

This was such a CUTE little session! Darling kids.

September 13, 2012

Wedding Sneak Peak

I couldn't resist posting again today. I LOVE how this image turned out! LOVED this couple! So very darling!

The R Family

Such a sweet family! I really enjoyed working with them!