October 18, 2007

Aubrey's Bridal!

Aubrey's Wedding is tomorrow! =) I actually go to church with her family. They are the sweetest family ever! I've had a lot of fun working with them and it's been nice to get to know them a little bit better! Check out Aubrey's hot red lipstick and shoes! Love them!

October 7, 2007

Just the Girls!

These are Dustin and Jeanie's girls. They were so much fun to shoot. Aren't they gorgeous! Adorable...

The Christensen Family

This is my one of my best friend Jeanie's family! I love her to death, she makes me laugh! She is also my friend that had the brain tumour that I have told a lot of my other friends about. Her husband Dustin is the one that made website. We had a lot fun shooting this!

This is them just being them! =)

Vance's Seniors

Vance is a pretty cool guy. I had a lot of fun shooting him. He has gorgeous blue eyes too!

Aubrey and Greg's Engagement

October 3, 2007

Brandee's Bridals

Brandee and her family have been so nice to work with. They are seriously so sweet! I will be posting some wedding pictures in the next few days!