August 12, 2012

2 Days: 3 Temples

Last weekend was another double wedding weekend. It was a lot of fun! I first shot at the Logan Temple. On my way down the canyon, I remembered that they were going to be opening the Brigham City Temple next month. Since I don't make it up that way very often, I figured I would stop by and see what this new temple looked like. Oh man... it was so beautiful! Saturday, I shot at the Draper Temple. GORGEOUS!!

This week I have 4 weddings at 4 different Temples! SO EXCITED!!

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brooke elyse said...

found your blog {you took pictures for my friend Kelcie!} and ohmygoodness. Could I possibly buy a print of the Logan temple from you? that shot is BEAUTIFUL and Logan temple is my favorite temple. I got to go see it for the first time {in person} three weeks ago and almost cried. haha


brooke elyse