March 29, 2016

Boys in the Studio

I haven't photographed my sweet boys in so long so I took them down to Justin Hackworth's studio last week for a session. My 2 year old was a stinker, but hello, he's 2. I am pretty happy with the results though. These boys of mine are so dear to my heart and I just can't imagine a life without them. Oh these darling little boys of mine.

March 22, 2016

Gorgeous Couple!

I photographed this couple over the weekend and let me tell you, this girl is a natural in front of the camera! I could have photographed this girl all day long! In fact, I might make her pose for me again! 

March 7, 2016

Engagement Season

 This past weekend, I photographed 3 amazing couples. I seriously had so much fun with each of  them! The lighting was absolutely so beautiful this weekend as well. We really couldn't have asked for anything better. Ok, so maybe some green trees and pretty wild flower. But these sessions are just so beautiful without these elements! Wedding season is coming up and I am so excited for each one that I get to photograph.

February 29, 2016

Utah Fashion Photography

Last week I had the chance to step away from the wedding industry of photography and try my skills in fashion photography. I was a little nervous as this is something I've never in my life tried before. However, I LOVED it! I really had a hard time putting my camera down. The models were great and Paul Mitchell Academy did a fantastic job on the hair and make up. John Rhees was amazing to put all this time and effort into putting this on! I am seriously loving being able to try so many new things in school. I am already sad that I only have a year left. I literally want to take all my photo classes over again. The students have been so nice and supportive and the teachers are just amazing!

February 23, 2016

Engagements at Tibble Fork Reservoir

These two were the winners of my Engagement Giveaway on Instagram. I loved getting to know them and photographing them! They were up for any adventure and were so cute together. The weather up at Tibble Fork had finally calmed down and wasn't as bone chilling cold as it normally is. We were able to walk across (good thing it was frozen!) and get some beautiful shots!

February 16, 2016

The W Family

 Last week was really rough. My whole family was really sick. I don't ever remember being that sick in my entire life! I am pretty sure we are at the tail end of things, so cheers to our road to recovery! Here is a family session I did back when the earth was beautiful, green and WARM! I can't tell you how excited I am for spring to make her debut! I am so excited for all my brides this year as well! It should be a fun year! 

February 7, 2016

Winter Engagements

I really loved working with these two last night! They were just so chill and FUN!! They were up for anything and willing to risk their being freezing to get some great shots. And they didn't need much direction when telling them to get close and snuggle. They are getting married in the Houston LDS Temple this May. That is one beautiful temple!