December 7, 2011

A Quick Preview

I have been having A DAY! We thought my car was fixed (properly) and today we found out that we just threw $1,000 to the wind and were told by who fixed it we're just "screwed out of that money." WHAT has happened to good customer service and standing behind the work you do?? No Integrity! What a nightmare. Needless to say I have been quite DEPRESSED over it! Lesson learned-NEVER GO TO THE DODGE DEALERSHIP IN AMERICAN FORK!!!! This message goes out to ALL my readers. I hope this NEVER happens to any of you!

On to better things right? I did a session up in Ogden for 2 BEAUTIFUL girls. I am so dang happy with how beautiful their session turned out! Due to today's events, I only have a few previews for you! I will get more soon though. Aren't they GORGEOUS? I can't wait to share the rest of them!

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