December 21, 2011

Lincs: Christmas

Yes I am obsessed with my cute boy. So what? As a mom, I have decided that you'll never regret having TOO many photographs of your baby. Sure he's not a baby anymore, but so what if that's what I call him you know? I LOVE this boy-1 million red Twizzlers and then some!! I've been doing a lot of studio work lately and I truly love it! Studio lighting can be hard but I DO love the challenge of it all! I originally cropped these to a square, but with the white background, you just can't tell! ha ha ha... Lincoln had some good times with this huge ornament. He is ALL boy and so of course just wanted to throw the ball everywhere-as you can see in a few of these images!

And yes, this ornament IS in mid air! Love it...

 Bowling anyone?

Pretty Cute eh? Don't worry, there's lots more coming of my Stink Bugs, so stay tuned! :)

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Lisa S. Luckey said...

Awe... he is just too cute!