November 16, 2011

Christmas Cards!!!!

Oh how I LOVE Christmas Cards! It is so much fun to go out to the mailbox, and find a stack of Christmas Cards waiting for you! I love sitting by the tree and reading all of them (ESP the pictures-oh how I LOVE the pictures!). I have a special place in my home that I put all my Christmas Cards to enjoy through the season and they look lovely with the glowing Christmas tree lights!! Do I have you excited for Christmas yet or what? I simply can't wait!!! =D

 It is just that time of year again to start thinking about (not only Family Portraits if you haven't had them yet) Christmas Cards! I have several BEAUTIFUL Christmas Cards that I am offering this year. Some are single sided and there are a lot of gorgeous double sided ones as well!  If you would like to order some Christmas Cards, please email for pricing! The ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for these cards this year is December 12th!

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