February 14, 2014

Happy Day of Love and Winners!

Well, the votes are in and tallied up! I chose lots of random people that I knew and didn't know (who volunteered) to read 3 unique love stories. These 3 contestants were chosen because they had the highest amounts of votes on FB. I have come to adore each of these sweet brides. They are so full of love and compassion for not only their finances, but others around them. I am grateful to be able to get to know them each a little better. Their stories are all beautiful and each of these lovely ladies are so deserving on so many levels. I wanted ALL 3 of these brides to be able to win and am sad that I can only choose one winner! Really, I am! But... I have a gift for the other two!! =D

And now for the moment SO MANY PEOPLE have been waiting for!! Based on the votes that came in, the winner of this years Free Wedding Photography Giveaway is...

Stephanie & Jordan!!!

Congrats you two! I am beyond excited to be your wedding photographer! Your story was full of not only love and strength, but also loyalty and selflessness. You see, these two found out shortly after their relationship started that Jordan had cancer. It was serious. Just when they thought things were ok, it came back and had spread. Stephanie stuck by his side every step of the way. While Jordan was so sick, he was so concerned about her well being. It was a beautiful story and brought tears to my eyes! I believe if this is how they started out in their relationship, they can truly overcome anything that they face in their future together and I am honored to be their photographer!

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