December 10, 2013

The Boys!

These boys are the cutest stinkers ever. They completely own my heart, but they are the hardest kids to photograph. Lincoln HATES having his pics taken and landed in time out a few times. Porter lasted about 2 minutes and then just cried most of the time. It truly was a nightmare of a session. I had one photographer acquaintance tell me she didn't know why I would want to do this to myself. Well, I love these boys and even though it's so hard, I am glad I at least try. Usually these boys are pretty happy and even though they are mostly serious in these images, I still love them and am glad I took these photos of them. A special thank you to my dearest friend Melissa for taking the last few photos of me and my boys. She insisted on me being in a few. One day those images will be priceless to my boys when I am gone.

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