November 13, 2012

The Bennett Family

This is one amazing family! I love love LOVE them SO MUCH! As I worked on these beautiful images, I couldn't help but think how lucky each of these family members are to have each other. They are all so different in so many ways and each of them are so unique. I LOVE these kids like my own. Truly! Their oldest boy has been mistaken for my son many times when he was younger. And really, he is the SWEETEST boy I have EVER met. I feel blessed to call them family. My brother and his wife are an amazing couple together and we all couldn't be happier that they brought these BEAUTIFUL children into the world. They have blessed our lives in so many ways.

THE OUT TAKES... Because every family has them and these are just hysterical! These were NOT planned in anyway, but how could I not shoot what was in front of me and not share right?

As always, Mom looks fabulous!

K REALLY wanted a pic with his little brother. I guess he just wasn't up for it!

Little P was done before we started and wanted to run down the road. Dad was cool with it and just waved him on. Must have been one less kid to worry about making smile during the session.

And this would be a CLASSIC! Little T is such a girly girl! She was less them amused getting kicked in the head by P. Dad and K... Well I just don't know what to say on them. As always, Mom looks amazing! HA HA HA HA!!!


Geena said...

Love the out takes... I should blow one of those up to show the real us however since I know how to real us are daily Ill take one of the picture perfect ones ;) hehe.

The Beagley's said...

Love it!

The Beagley's said...

Love it!