April 9, 2012

Joey & Kavita:The Bridals & Groomals. San Diego, CA

Seriously adore this couple! They are not only a gorgeous couple, but they are a LOT OF FUN! We shot these Bridals & Groomals on the beach and then headed to Disneyland! HOLY CRAP... it was SO MUCH FUN! I tried my best to narrow this post down, but this is as good as I could do. I just love them ALL!! Enjoy! I will post their wedding soon!

This group of guys were just walking along the beach singing. They were amazing. When they saw us, they stopped and sang to my bride & groom. It was pretty dang cool! Of course we had to have them jump in on a photo! LOVE IT!


Geena said...

Wow... Such beauty!!

M said...

I can only think of one word to describe the bride... STUNNING! What a photogenic couple!